Process: Etching on Metal

Instructor: Rachel Shimpock

Date: May 7, 2017

Time: 10:00AM to 2PM

Location: Huntington Beach, CA

Experience Level: No prerequisite

Recommended age: 18+

Children: Welcome with supervision

Suggested Donation: $65

Workshop descriptioN

Bridge is partnering up with artist Rachel Shimpock and the Art Institute of San Diego for another Art + Activate workshop.  Learn how to make a wearable piece of jewelry that features an image and quote from your favorite feminist.  Wear your piece in solidarity with these women in honor for their courageousness and wisdom.  Each workshop participant will have the choice to make one pendant or one pair of earrings.

Shimpock_Head_01 (1).jpg


Rachel Shimpock is a jewelry and metals artist from Huntington Beach, CA. She keeps the tradition of metal smithing alive by providing workshops to a community that welcomes a do-it-yourself kind of maker.  Her ability and broad knowledge of techniques will give you the basic skills you need to create a wearable piece of jewelry.  Her sharp witty humor and enthusiasm for metal, will have you returning for more!



Metal that has an image produced on the surface due to the corrosive nature of acid on the surface. Resist is placed on the metal surface by one or multiple means and the exposed metal is corroded away, or etched to desired depth. After desired depth has been reached the resist is removed and patina (chemical coloration usually black) is applied to “pop” the design. The top surface of etched, patinated metal is removed with fine sandpaper to reveal the image in all its glory. The patina remains in the etched (deeper) areas and helps “pop” the image. The final piece of jewelry is sealed with wax and enjoyed!




This process can be done with a variety of metals.  Use paint pens, stamps and other resist materials to etch images other than a photograph.  Etching can be done on small or large pieces of metal and can exist on two and three dimensional surfaces.



(Instructor provides with classes)

  • Large Etching Bath to accommodate class

  • Etching Solution

  • Pancake Griddles to apply Transfer

  • Irons to apply Transfers

  • Hand Tools to Apply Transfers

  • Accessories to suspend work in the etching bath

  • Power Source (rectifier)

  • Mark Making accessories (paint pens, stamps, stickers, etc)

  • Paper to burnish on

  • Blue tape

  • Workshop handout with full instructions


3 Copper Shapes to etch onto

Up to 6 Images printed for student provided day of class

Images provided by student to instructor before class

Use of Mark making tools

Make it into a necklace or Pair of Earrings

Choice of One:


22” Copper Chain to complete necklace

Clasp to Complete Necklace


Ear Wires to make a Pair of Dangle Earrings

Option to purchase additional findings online and at workshop