Our mission is to provide a community for emerging artist and art educators to grow.

Since 2013, BRIDGE has been reigniting the joy in learning through a variety of low-cost do-it-yourself workshops, seminars' and events designed to rejuvenate the San Diego community of artists.  Our programs are designed to grow interest in art-making outside of traditional contexts.  BRIDGE serves as a platform for emerging artists to create work, develop professional skills, learn new techniques and meet other like-minded people.  Our vision is to provide a creative space for artist-educators to reignite their artistic purpose and sustain each other.


Meet other artists in your community.  Build your network and make new friends.  We look forward to meeting other artists and learning about their diverse set of talents and skills.  Our workshops attract participants from all around, making each event a unique and fun experience.  Help us grow our community by bringing a friend, educator or family to our next seminar or workshops.


The BRIDGE classroom exists everywhere.  Our workshops are designed to be mobile for learning on-the-go.  These alternative learning experiences show our participants that art-making can happen anywhere.  In our most popular workshop, Traveling Tintypes, we pitch portable darkroom tents to give us the mobility and freedom to create images anywhere from beach to backyard.  Workshops are designed for students of all ages and various art mediums.  If you want a workshop, and you don't see it here, lets us know!  We would love to design a new workshop for you.

Interested in bringing one of our workshops to your school, organization or event?

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BRIDGE is looking for creative and dedicated volunteers and instructors to join our team.  

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