Artist + Small Business Owner

Fallbrook, CA

I love capturing the worlds wonders through a lens and creating jewelry that incorporates nature in the simplest way.  When I began my journey with jewelry-making I was unaware of the outcome it would bring me.  Through it all I became a self-taught metalsmith that began her own small jewelry business.  My imagination is filled with creativity that led to the creation of many of my jewelry pieces today.  I'm in love with nature and everything it has to offer, involving succulents into my jewelry was a must.  With my father being a small business owner, I aspired to create a business of my own.  All of my pieces are handmade and handcrafted individually in a home studio at the clients request.  I hope that each piece of jewelry is just as inspiring to someone else as it is to me.  I want to thank everyone for all the support towards my dream as a jeweler.