Available Metals Workshops

We Offer a variety of workshops on a rotating scale in multiple locations to suit your needs. We also offer programming for lectures, local private in-home lessons and parties. Inqueries encouraged. Want to bring BRIDGE Workshops to your location? Let us know!



Etch a Photo from your iPhone - Saturday, July 15 - San Diego, CA (Mira Mesa)

A Photo from your iphone (or the other ones) that is forever immortalized on metal ? And you did it yourself? Huh?  Whaaaaaat? Yes! Science and Technology collide! It's so exciting I can't explain it now. I will wait to tell you more until you are here.  Trust me, just check out the sample pictures of awesomeness.

$65/one-piece $85/two-pieces



Bracelets + Pendants - Saturday, July 8 - Huntington, CA

Bracelets + Pendants - Saturday, Aug 20 - San Diego, CA (Mira Mesa)

Do you work with Metal, Wood, glass or ceramic OR NOT? Whatever! What matters is you love color right? You love awesome accessories to wear right? Lets make a stack of bangles or a set of pendants! Register today for an amazingly simple process that will totally bring your whole outfit together!

$65/one-piece $85/two-pieces



Ring - Saturday, Sept. 9 - San Diego, CA

Ring - Saturday, Sept 16 - Huntington Beach, CA

Use molten metal to make your own damn ring instead of buying one from the man! Make a ring from scratch using the same techniques as the ancients did! Carve, Press, hammer then use fire to make silver or bronze molten to make a one-of-a-kind wearable momento. Don't be a wuss, do it yourself.

$85/one-piece $125/two-pieces