San miguel de allende

Process: Photo Excursion

Instructor: Rizzhel Javier

Date: Aug 27 to Sept 5

Duration: 9 days

Location: San Miguel de Allende

Experience Level: No prerequisite

Recommended age: 18+

Suggested Donation: $750

Workshop descriptioN

Bridge is developing a program that is based around a model of travel learning.  Participants learn about photography through the exploration of culture and community.

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Rizzhel Javier is an artist and educator from Southern California and the Founder of Bridge.  She is an advocate for arts education and uses Bridge as a vehicle to bring visual arts into the community. Rizzhel loves photography and her personal work exist in sculptural forms that explore memory, human interaction and relationships.  Her work is exhibited locally and she was recently nominated as Emerging Artist for the 2017 San Diego Art Prize.


San miguel de allende

San Miguel de Allende, a colonial-era city in Mexico’s central highlands, is known for its baroque Spanish architecture, thriving arts scene and cultural festivals. In the city’s historic, cobblestoned center lies the neo-Gothic church Parroquia de San Miguel Arcángel, whose dramatic pink towers rise above the main plaza, El Jardín. The Templo de San Francisco church nearby has an 18th-century churrigueresque facade.




Meeting place: Mira Mira, San Diego 11AM

Departure: Tijuana, Mexico (via Volaris)

Arrival: Leon, Guanojuato

Final Destination: San Miguel de Allende

Monday, SEPT 4

Departure: Leon, Guanojuato (via Volaris)

Arrival: Tijuana, Mexico

Final Destination: San Diego, CA

Estimated Pick-up Time: 3PM


La Catrina Hostel


Cjon. de Loreto 80

Centro, Zona Centro, 37700

San Miguel de Allende

Méx., Mexico

+52 415 121 4545



make yourself at home

After the flight, expect about an hour van ride into San Miguel de Allende. We will have transportation drop participant at the La Catrina Hostel & Breakfast. The facility is beautiful and you will immediately fall in love with the colors and friendly atmosphere.  The room, bathroom and showers are shared.  There is a kitchen on site and a roof patio you can look over the town. 


Explore the town and feel the history of the town seep through the streets and walls.  There is a beauty and charm that is unique to San Miguel de Allende that attracts people from all over the globe.



Art Print Photo Gallery


so kids may learn

Bridge will work in conjunction with local artist and instructor Kambria Anton, Señora Alma Lopez and the children of Obraje.  She has been working with these children for two years now and we have developed a curriculum specifically for these students during our visit.  We were interested in working with her project because we share a similar belief that learning becomes more personal and powerful when it is presented within their own environment.

Cañada de La Virgen

Cañada de la Virgen is an Otomi archaeological site that has been recently excavated. Located in the state of Guanajuato, the site was first discovered 1998 and the official excavation began in 2002 Public access was first allowed in 2011.



La Esquina

Nallely Montesinos, 2016

Nallely Montesinos, 2016

Nallely Montesinos, 2016

Nallely Montesinos, 2016