BRIDGE is reaching out to build a network of artists and art educators from all mediums.  If you have a fun and unique skill you want to share, propose a workshop or event of your own!  

Submissions are reviewed monthly.  Thank you for your interest in joining our team!






The BRIDGE classroom is everywhere.  Hold your workshop in your studio, home or out in the middle of the desert!  Our mobile workshops give us the freedom to teach where we want. Need help finding a location?  Contact us and we can share ideas. 

Glass Enamel, Mira Mesa, 2017

Glass Enamel, Mira Mesa, 2017


All equipment needed for the proposal should be owned by the workshop Instructor.  Safety guidelines and Liability Release Form must be reviewed and signed by all participants.

We look forward to having our very own warehouse studio and shop, but until then, we will work together to find the facilities and tools you need for your class!

Traveling Tintypes, Salton Sea, 2014

Traveling Tintypes, Salton Sea, 2014


Class size will vary depending on the workshop location.  On average, we register in between 6-12 participants.  If you plan to teach a large class, bring a Teaching Assistant on board, or connect with us to work with one of our BRIDGE Volunteers.

Tin it + Pin it, YUMA Symposium, AZ 2016

Tin it + Pin it, YUMA Symposium, AZ 2016


The length of workshop instruction hours will depend on the facility, how many students you have and what materials you are working with.  BRIDGE is scheduling pop-up, 1-day or multiple day workshops.

Instructors applying for overnight workshops should include:

  • travel information /plans
  • housing information / plans
  • a schedule for non-workshop hours

More on Overnight Workshops HERE


The budget for each workshop will follow this distribution system that is shared transparently with our participants so they know where their donation is working towards.

All workshop registration must close two-weeks before the start date, so funds can be released to purchase materials.

The budget for workshops will fluctuate on student enrollment.  Any classes under 60% enrollment are advised to reschedule.












Instructor Wages

At BRIDGE, we encourage Instructors to keep the cost down, but give them the freedom to choose the suggested donation price per workshop.

Glass Enamel Workshop, Mira Mesa, 2017

Glass Enamel Workshop, Mira Mesa, 2017


Make items available for purchase for your workshop on our online store.  Provide links to your materials on the BRIDGE Material List Form.

Consider sending your students a shopping list through our site, so that they come prepared to your workshop with supplies!

Think of ways you can utilize our website to minimize the amount of materials you have to purchase and transport yourself.