PROJECT TERMS & CONDITIONS  The terms and conditions of the Traveling Tintype Project apply to all participants, materials and services made available by independent instructor, Rizzhel Mae Javier.  This is a non-profit project, and any donations are used to provide housing, materials and food to all participants within reason.  Review the following areas, and contact Rizzhel with any questions by phone or email before departure. PARTICIPATION  For the full workshop experience, participants are expected to abide by start and end times of the demonstrations.  All participants will assist with the cooking and cleaning at campsites.  If participants arrive late or leave early, they are expected to check-in or out with the instructor, no partial payments accepted.  NO SCHOOL AFFILIATIONS  This workshop is not a part of a registered training organization and courses are only available as non-vocational courses.  No college credit can be obtained and this project is not affiliated with any educational institution (i.e. Miracosta College) Instructor strives to deliver excellence in art instruction in all classes and workshops.  DISCLAIMER Participants undertaking workshops expressly acknowledge that in the course of undertaking classes or workshops there is use of photographic chemicals, arts tools and utensils and other materials which can be dangerous when not used as instructed.  All workshop materials are used at the participants’ own risk.  Any injury to a participant or loss to a participant’s property is not the responsibility of the instructor.